New solution for temporary access control

2017-02-01 09:10:24

If you want to be 100% sure of reliable and quickly re-deployable site access security and then the “all-welded” Sesame full-height turnstile, with extra emergency gate is the best choice.
TiSO group of companies has been offering full-height turnstiles in various configurations such as CYCLONE, BICYCLONE, GlassGO, SESAME, SESAME BASIC, SESAME TWIN. Now, new configuration is available which consist of a full-height turnstile gate, an emergency door and solid metal platform.

This new (3 in 1) compact solution provides the following functions:

  • Complete access control being a physical barrier
  • Authorized access which can be performed by means of card readers, remote control or manually
  • Emergency free exit for evacuation or in case of unavailable power to the turnstile
  • Simple and easy way for pulling through big-sized items
  • Quick replacement with crane, or by forklift

This is an ideal solution for any application environment where temporary and highly mobile access control point is needed (constructional sites, event security/crowd safety management, festivals, ect.)