The road to security

2017-05-08 13:15:43

IMS Heiligenhaus relies on type-tested quick folding gate EntraQuick® from PPG

In summer of 2016, Perimeter Protection Germany GmbH, the German subsidiary of the global acting Perimeter Protection Group, received a request about securing the company premises of IMS Messsysteme GmbH from Heiligenhaus. Founded in 1980, the company develops and produces isotope, x-ray and optical measuring systems for industrial use in the steel, aluminium and metal industries. The head office is located in Heiligenhaus in the north-western part of Germany and currently has a workforce of around 450 employees on five continents.

The request included a combination of sliding gates and fence. The aim was to close the public road, which divides the companies’ site with a sliding gate on both sides. In order not to interrupt everyday operation, a quick opening and closing of the gate system had to be ensured. In addition, the solution had to meet the guidelines of the Known Shipper (bV) or the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). The very narrow road and little reversing space posed a challenge. After thorough evaluation of the local conditions and joint on-site consultation, the long-term partners PPG and nedap Technology partner nTp for Security Management GmbH, specialist in security technology and access control systems, could convince with an innovative overall solution that was perfectly tailored to IMS needs. The two companies look back on many years of good, professional cooperation and share a lot of experience from different joint projects. Frank Hironimus from nTp explains: „During our long-term and good cooperation, we and PPG have made good experience with the combination of products of both parties. They can be combined easily, which allows us to offer our customers fast, professional and qualitative security solutions they can rely on."

Beside fence and swing gates, the implemented solution includes four of the innovative PPG EntraQuick® quick folding gates. In combination with UHF wide-range readers, approaching vehicles can be detected automatically up to a distance of four meters. With appropriate authorisation, the gates will open automatically within four seconds. Visitors without vehicle identification can register themselves at one of the four IP-Intercoms at the reception. With the help of the convenient software, the gates can then be opened conveniently by mouse-click. In addition, the area is monitored by two IP video cameras. "Compared with a sliding gate or a combined gate and barrier installation, the type-tested EntraQuick® quick folders offer several advantages when securing access roads. In closed position they offer full-height perimeter protection. They do not require reversing space and offer obstacle-free passage due to its trackless design, coupled with very fast operating times. Moreover, thanks to the pre-assembled drive post and folding leaf unit, the doors are virtually installed in the twinkling of an eye without unnecessarily interrupting daily operation. The WE-Tronic II automatic-control-system with integrated frequency converter also offers programmable relay outputs or inputs as well as plug-in modules for a wide variety of control options for individual customisation.”  tells Helmut Napp, PPG sales representative und adds: „So we could offer a tailored solution that meets our customers’ requirements accurately. “
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