Mechanical tire-killers – An effective security solution against attack of trucks

2017-07-20 12:12:22

Mechanical driven tire-killers are the best option to provide physical security against attack of trucks for places, where no possibility to connect the electricity is. TiSO offers two types of such devices: with springs or with lever drive. In first case – knives are always in raised position and pushed down by tires. In second – knives can be closed by rotating lever, or by joining (connecting) it with barrier. In this case, you get device which works synchronously with barrier. Models with installation on road surface or with submerge are available.

The extremely quickly deployable security solution is capable to protect and to secure areas, parking places, streets and car entrances. Therefore it is ideal solutions for crowd control and physical protection of any public events.

The tire killer has the following modes of operations:
1. Free access in both directions. In this case spikes are sunk and fixed.
2. Standard operating mode of operation is when spikes are raised and access from the rear side is possible. In this case each spike is sunk independently when vehicle runs from the rear side and returns to its initial operating position automatically. The spikes on which the vehicle does not touch remain in raised position.
3. Locked mode of operation. In this mode all spikes are locked in raised position. Locking is not fixed and it is designed for the force up to 100kg.