Quick and impact resistance – at the same time

2016-05-26 16:45:18

A new EntraQuick® PU30 gate has been introduced in the security market, which is an outstanding combination of fast trackless gate and impact resistance gate. This new and revolutionary hi-security solution has 0.5 m/sec moving speed and additionally it has a self-locking arrestor system for impact resistance. The arrestor system has been designed to prevent forceful entry of a 2.5 t pickup truck moving at 50 km/h (241 kJ energy). The appeal of the arrestor system lies in its simplicity and effectiveness as the interceptor rod only engages in the catch hooks on the receiving post in the event of a vehicle impact and thereby rendering superfluous any unlocking action normally required prior to gate operation. The gate boasts a clear width up to 4 meters and a height up to 3 meters. The posts and the drive system are dimensioned for ultra-heavy duty and therefore it is ideally suited for all critical infrastructures for protecting car entrances.