Protection of pedestrian areas - PAS68 crash bollards as street furniture

2018-01-24 15:38:17

Cost-effective shallow mount fixed or removable bollards as street furniture, which are ideally suited for inner city surroundings.
Our partner the Perimeter Protection Group has completed its product portfolio with the revolutionary vehicle impact tested Safetyflex spring steel bollard systems Carstopper 30, Truckstopper 6-30 and Truckstopper 7-40 which can be used as modern street furniture. These bollards impress by their unique capability to absorb large amounts of energy by acting as a torsion spring, lateral translation spring and lateral bending spring upon impact.

Furthermore, the slimline design paired with a shallow installation depth of only 200 mm reduces the need to divert utilities. They come along with aesthetically pleasing shroud options in round, oval or rectangular shape Safetyflex bollards are small and easy to install as a stand-alone single unit or in a row of bollards as a straight line or around corners. Available as either fixed or removable type these spring bollards will not require replacing on low impact as they will return to their original position.

Our PAS68 Street Furniture applications include:

  • Fix and removable bollards
  • Cycle Stand
  • Cycle Rack
  • Floral Display System
  • Bench System
  • Planter System

The planter has been crash tested to BSI PAS68 to stop a 7.5 ton truck travelling at 40mph or 64km/h at 90 degrees from breaking through the security line.

Please, watch the crash test below: Test video