Quick Folding Gates on Tram Depot, Krefeld, Germany

2018-02-26 14:18:52

Customer's demand:
Enhancing the security of the main entrance and an independent quick opening and closing of the four lanes of the tram depot Krefeld.
The solution should not require reversing space.

Installation during the daily working routines of the customer e.g.constantly accessing and exiting trams.
Solution / products delivered:
4 x half Entraquick II with remote control
LED strips with traffic light function

Why we won the game:
Type-tested quick folders that don´t require reversing space
Fast opening and closing
Interesting LED traffic light system

Customer´s comment:
The barriers previously used for traffic control no longer met our safety requirements.” says Andreas Schärtges, SWK Head of Building Management and adds: “In the end our choice fellon the certified Werra quick folding gates, which need no reversing space due to their properties, that simply is not available with four lanes. The icing on the cake then wasthe TÜV  type certification of the gates.”

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