PPG industrial gates with TRI-PROTECT® corrosion protection

2019-03-04 07:00:41

At the production site of Perimeter Protection Germany GmbH, it produces high quality products ‘Made in Germany’, which are used worldwide. The special coating process makes all gates virtually resistant to external influences. This is to ensure that all products are highly weather resistant and durable in different climate zones for extended life cycle.

TRI-PROTECT® ensures long term corrosion protection coating per DIN 55633 corrosion protection C5, high durability (>15 years) and C5-industrial and marine atmosphere, medium durability (5-15 years).

The coating system was salt spray tested for approx. 2000h without loss of surface protection per DIN 50021 and blasted per DIN 12944-4 in class SA 2.5. Also, in terms of environmental compatibility the solvent-free applications achieved excellent classification!