Surface mounted vehicle check points

2016-05-26 16:47:36

In many cases there are no technical opportunities to use submerged and concreted road blockers for vehicle checkpoints. For these areas the surface mounting installation option offers the best choice. Now, different type of tire-killers and blocker are available with surface mounting installation for effective car/truck access control. With this type of setting up, these security solutions provide both functions of a road blocker, as well as a speed hump. In addition the blocker has a “protective curtain” which provides safe operational condition and movement. The hydraulic tire-killers have various “knife” height ranging from 40 to 250 mm and they are reliable and easy-to-use solution for territory protection also. The integrated hydraulic pump and the outside installed electronic control box provide easy and quick operation. The modular system and the optional side ramps offer wide range of blocking wide platforms.