PolarMaster – PPG Intelligence perimeter protection

2020-03-10 13:30:40

PolarMaster is a tailored made central control system for industrial heavy use. It combines PPG perimeter protections products, censors and data from parallel operating systems into a unified entity. It synchronies all functions of perimeter protections solutions allowing controls of several sites from one use of interface.

PolarMaster collects and analyses data and enables various automated function sequences. It can be integrated to sub-systems such as CCTVs, alarm systems, automatic lighting system and other logical interfaces.

The PolarMaster has successfully been installed at several different high-security locations. Some most typical example:

  • Nuclear Power plants, where the reliability of a steering system is crucial, together with the possibility to override alarms and close the gates.
  • Data Centres, where there is a need to coordinate two gates in an interlocking system, allowing only one vehicle to enter at a time.
  • Logistics Centres, where the access to many entrance gates can be monitored from a single location and trucks are directed to the right gate and docking station. This provides quicker traffic management, safer operation, higher efficiency and cost reduction.

Please watch short video introducing PolarMaster with using link below: