TiSO turnstiles available with BioSec’s biometric technology

2020-08-19 08:28:13

Blocker Ltd. started a cooperation with biometric development company BioSec Group Ltd., who develops innovative security solutions based on palm vein recognition. As a result of the cooperation, BioSec’s GateKeeper system was integrated with the TiSO turnstiles provided by Blocker Ltd., which are available with palm vein recognition, ensuring an outstanding level of security in any environment.

Palm vein recognition is one of the most advanced biometric technologies, which measures the vein structure within the hand at maximum 5 000 000 reference points. In opposite to other biometric technologies, which use surface characteristics, the vein structure is an inner characteristics, which is not visible from the outside, thus it cannot be copied, reproduced, stolen or used for secret data collection, ensuring an outstanding level of security. BioSec’s biometric system can be also used contactless, providing an outstanding level of security and antibacterial protection at the same time.

In addition, the BioSec system ensures ~1 second authentication time, ease of use and convenience, thus the client does not have to choose between security and convenience. One of the greatest examples for the benefits of the BioSec system is the 23 500 seat Groupama Arena, where the company provides secure access to the stadium since 2014 with more than ~160 000 registered users, 0 FAR event and 0 access of banned people.

Please watch how TiSO JETPAN speedgate works with BioSec’s biometric technology here!