Only a real crash test can ultimately prove the resistance to the applied impact load.

2021-03-05 18:33:26

When it comes to high security, there is no room for compromise. But often high-security products are offered whereby the promise of protection is based on a simulation. However, how these products behave in an actual crash is completely unknown. This is the reason why the Perimeter Protection Group and we also solely relie on real crash tests.

The Quick Folding Gate EntraQuick PU30 which is based on the proven design of the single leaf EntraQuick II. also performed well during a crash test. Advantages here are a fast operation time and obstacle free passage due to the lack of bottom and top rail guides. Its high reliability and low maintenance make it the ideal solution for high frequency access routes with high security requirements. The active arrestor system is designed to effectively prevent forced entry of vehicles up to the size of a pickup truck (2.5t) travelling at 48km/h. The EntraQuick PU30 is crash tested and has the following certifications:

  • PAS 68V/2500[N1G]/48/90/1.2/0.0
  • IWA 14-1 V/2500[N1G]/48/90/1.3

Please watch the successful route to a crash test certification video here: