2021-11-24 17:13:19

TiSO Full-height turnstiles are reliable entry solutions to a territory which requires high level of pedestrian access control. Both modifications with 120˚ (“three arms”) and 90˚(“four arms”) are available. Reliable electro-mechanical mechanism and design ensures smooth operation of turnstile for millions of passes.

Vandal proof arms will keep the turnstile invulnerable even after the high force impact. Along with various configurations, including mentioned rotor types, housing finishing options, and list of available accessories allows each customer to find a solution which will suit any project requirement.

Strength and durability are granted by robust fully welded design. On other hand, attractive for shipment assembly modification of automatic barrier gate is also available.


  • Servo-motorized or electro mechanical
  • Bi-directional solution
  • Reliable and simple operation
  • Integration to any type of access control and ID systems
  • Low noise operation with low power consumption
  • High quality at a cost-effective price
  • Manual control unit
  • Wide range of accessories: ground frame, roof, heating, counter, line light, floor plate, etc.