EntraQuick® industrial quick folding gates – the smart combination of gate and barrier

2022-06-29 16:48:58

With the TÜV type-tested quick folding gates EntraQuick® you’ll get a full-height perimeter protection in closed position. Due to its trackless design, it offers unobstructed security for each entry or exit situation. It’s fully cantilevered and has been designed with rationality in mind. The EntraQuick® competes against both sliding gates and boom barriers at the same time!

The quick folding gates’ extremely high speed allows a quick closing after each passage. This makes it efficiently support smooth workflows in everyday operation! Furthermore, no run back area is required. Because of its solid bar infill and the ingenious lever kinematics EntraQuick® is particularly stable and doesn’t require an additional floor lock in closed position.

EntraQuick® can be installed easily and quickly thanks to pre-assembled drive post and folding leaf units. It is driven by two AC motors. The gate leaves fold open inwards towards the secure site and each leaf can be opened separately if required. The quick folding gates are perfect substitutes for combined sliding gate and barrier installation at access points.