2022-08-05 15:04:43

Brand-new model Sweeper-SLIM is one of the most elegant models in the TiSO range. Therefore, if client needs to organize an automated access system in a business centre or office, we recommend this model.

Speed gates are equipped with RFID readers that provide access for employees by using a card. Also, access for guests is possible with the help of temporary cards. This is a very common way to organize access in locations such as offices, business centres, hotels etc.

Sweeper-SLIM fuses together all advantages of Sweeper model and new engineering solutions. Redesigned housing is huge advantage among other turnstiles in speed gates series. The width of one side housing is just 110 mm makes it the slimmest and the most sophisticated model on the security market.

  • BMDrive® Reliable mechanism with powerful BLDC gear motor ensures long term maintenance-free operation.
  • Robust PinLock® locking system prevents from full leaves opening manually in case of vandalism.
  • The smart self-diagnosing system of mechanism BMDrive® automatically analyzes the system, detects critical malfunctions, and records error log and warnings.
  • The BMDrive® mechanism controller is equipped with an OLED display for easy setup and configuration without special programmers.
  • Digital control of force and leaf speed in combination with safety sensors prevent a passing person from being struck by a leaf, even in case of an unauthorized passage.