2023-03-04 17:34:37

TiSO continues its dynamic product development and has introduced Sweeper-S-HG which is new turnstile in category of speedgate. The new turnstiles are based on our bestsellers Sweeper and Sweeper-SLIM.

Sweeper-SLIM-HG has 1500 mm full-height swing leaves, which guarantees a high level of security, excludes the possibility of unauthorized passage and makes it impossible to jump over the turnstile. The use of impact-resistant tempered glass guarantees safety and gives a sophisticated modern look.

The new Speed gate series turnstile as always has a futuristic and elegant design, which is ideal for business centers, hotels and other places with a fashionable interior.

The BMDrive® mechanism with a powerful BLDC gear motor ensures a long-term maintenance-free operation. The turnstile is also equipped with the ToothLock® anti-vandalism system and a self-diagnostic program that records all failures and problems in the BMDrive® mechanism.

Please downloade our new complete catalogue from here, and learn more about our Sweeper-SLIM HG.