elkosta TG M50 crash rated sliding gate

2016-11-17 11:14:28


High Security upgrade for Swiss valuable logistics

In July, Perimeter Protection Schweiz AG, Swiss subsidiary of the internationally operating Perimeter Protection Group, (PPG), had received a request from a company in the field of Swiss valuable logistics to increase the security level on one of its premises. The aim was to secure the roller shutter of a factory building against unauthorised persons or against unauthorised or forcibly penetrating vehicles. After comprehensive consultation by the perimeter specialists from PPG, the choice fell on the elkosta Tracked Gate M50, (TG M50), which is a solid tracked sliding gate with impact load. Due to its robust construction with heavy gauge material and high tensile steel, the TG M50 affords impact protection for all vulnerable access points. Like all elkosta high-security products, the TG M50 also has international certifications, proven by real-life crash tests to ensure mandatory safety. It has been tested with a clear opening width of seven meters and is successfully certified according to American standard ASTM F2656-07 and British standard PAS 68.

"The crash test certification of the gate was one of the factors that decisively contributed to the decision for the Tracked Gate M50. But also especially the inconspicuous, not so military or "prison-like" design of this high security gate appealed to the customer! The premises should not seem like a fortress, for example to the staff. “, resumes Urs Studer, Managing Director of Perimeter Protection Schweiz AG and adds: "Installation that close to the building was a challenge, but we were able to cope without problems because of the particularly flat foundation, which requires only relatively small foundation work. The system is also fully compatible with all common access control systems, which is why the somewhat tricky connection with the in-house control system and the roller shutter could quickly be realised.”


Despite its massive construction, the TG M50 also features an extremely flat foundation, which is typical for elkosta products. It can be adapted in height and fitted with anti-climbing devices to comply with site-specific requirements. Due to its unique design, the TG M50 is ideal for all critical infrastructures ranging from correctional facilities, critical defence sites, courts, airports, refineries, embassies and many other designated high risk areas. In case of emergency, the optional emergency locking system can be activated to override safety devices. "High-security products are more and more used in less predictable environments. Now it is not uncommon for example, to see products in inner-city areas and also in companies in industry or trade. The high-security market and its target groups are noticeably changing. But with our internationally certified, state-of-art elkosta high-security products we are prepared for this change." says Urs Studer.

Please, watch short video on real crash test of Elkosta TGM 50 by clicking below: