We have been providing a variety of security solutions including different type of road blocking systems (crash-tested and non-crash-tested), high performance gates, fences and entrance control systems.

Crash-tested High-Security systems

We offer a wide variety of High Security protections, ranging from single bollards to integrated road blocking units as well as sophisticated control systems.

They can be deployed in the first line of defense at critical infrastructures such as embassies, banks, nuclear facilities, military bases and any type of high-risk sites.

In this category all our offered security solutions are certified to the highest level in accordance with the following international crash test standards:

We believe that only the real crash test can ultimately prove the resistance capacity to the applied impact load and thus ensure compliance as per the required level of security.

Other anti-ram systems, truck-blockers and tyre killers

We offer a wide variety of non-crash tested blocking systems, ranging from single mechanical blockers to tire-killers and to road blockers. Depending on the available place and other circumstances these solutions can be surface mounted or they can be submerged into the roadbed.

High performance gates and security fence systems

We provide steel- aluminum- cantilevered and tracked gates, telescopic gates, special gates and security fences. All of these are designed for extreme working conditions and for ultra-heavy duty.

Entrance control systems

Our turnstile entrance control solutions offer quick and easy access for authorized persons and reliable protection against unauthorized access at the same time. The product range for large flow of people provides decorative and nice appearance with combination of affordable price/value ratio.