Our experts have significant experience in the perimeter security and site protection area. It make them an ideal partner to work with and are proficient in all aspects of project implementation from advice on concept system design through equipment manufacture to installation and maintenance support.

Customization and Consultation

We have a clear aim to provide customized solutions to our clients security needs. Many of our products can be fully optimized and designed according to the specific security requirements. In order to clarify which threats are relevant and which are the vulnerabilities in your facilities we offer free complete physical security consulting service as detailed below:


In case of need and thanks for our partner companies we can offer complex installation including inexpensive transportation, site preparation and civil works. Alternatively our solutions can be supplied to installer companies or to end-users as well.

Maintenance Services and Extended Warranty

Once we’ve completed the installation, our job is not over. Many partners need to maintain their systems fully operational and functional. Count on our manufacturers and experts installed your system to help you keep it working properly. We offer quarterly, semi-annual or annual maintenance services and extended warranty. We can also provide our urgent diagnostic assistance to know what will be needed to get the system back up and working.